Thursday, November 24, 2011


on a second attempt to keep a more updated blog... I am moving to Tumblr.
It just seems easier for me to do brief posts.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skype is awesome!!

I'm pretty sure that if you are in the blog world you know also about Skype.

I have been using skype for over 5 years now, and all I can say is that I love it (Yes, I know I sound like a Skype sales rep right now hahaha).

But seriously, I think Skype is the only reason why I am able to live so far away from home and stay connected with family and friends. We skype on regular basis with family and I even set up a Skype in number with a mexican area code.

A couple of weeks ago my mother-in-law and my auntie came to visit from Mexico. It was the first time meeting Fernando, and we didn't know how Fernando was going to react to them.

And guess what??? He saw them for the first time, he was a little bit confused to see then in real life and not in the computer, but he totally recognized them!!!! He let grandma hold him and kiss him right away!!! He was happy to see grandma!!

So all I have to say... Thank you Skype! For keeping families together!

And here is the proof

So happy to see grandma finally meeting her first grandkid, and seen his son after more than 3 years!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tears coming out

after 5 attempts to start this post the right way and almost gave up... here it goes

I am going to ramble and write what is in my mind

Life has been so good lately. Like I said on my 30th birthday post, I feel so complete. Things are falling into place, I have a beautiful family, I have an awesome marriage, we are healthy, we are so blessed.
But then, we get bad news. Bad things happening to good people, to friends and family back home. So I start wondering why?? I know God won't put you through situations that you can't endure, but it makes me sad and it brings tears to my eyes

Mi Mexico lindo y querido, is officially fighting a war, a drug war. Innocent people is suffering, they get caught in the middle. Sad but true.

In the last couple of months two of my cousins were kidnapped. One luckely was what it's call "express kidnapping"where all they want is to empty your bank account by taking you several times to the ATM, and then they just drop you off somewhere.
The other one, is a different story. He is alive, but I can tell you he will be mark for life after what happened to him. He had to move to a different city, he had to start from 0 again :(

Then last week, a mutual friend of Cesar and I got kidnapped too. They got into her home (she was at home with her baby girl), drugged her with something, put her on her vehicle, took her outside the city, brutally hit her and tortured her. They phoned her husband to ask for a ransom, and after they got the money, they drop her off, on the highway. 20 min outside the city. She tried to get help, to get a car to stop to give her a ride. Nobody wanted to pick her up! People is so afraid of what is going on that you don't trust anybody. Finally somebody that was in the search party found her and took her to the hospital.

All I can say is that tears come to my eyes everytime I get these news
All i can think is that our family is there, and I pray the Lord He protects them everyday
All I can think is that it breaks my heart to know that my hometown is not a safe place anymore
and it is so hard to be thankfull about having a perfect life, while I know back at home people is suffering

Please pray for Mexico, for our province, and for our hometown. For our family and friends back there, and for all the innocent people fighthing this war

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swinging- 9 months!

Fernando turned 9 months old a couple of weeks ago. Wow where did my little baby go!!
Just realizing that he has been into this world just about the same time he spent in my belly.

We have been having so much fun with him now that summer is here and we are getting some nice weather.
We take long walks to the park, go for a picnic, have sunday lunch out in the patio. Just loving the fact that we can take Fernando out with a SINGLE layer of clothes, open toe shoes and some of his skin exposed hahahaha! He is actually getting "morenito" (darker skin). Now he looks more mexican, hahaha.

We went for his first swing ride to the park. And I don't really know how to describe the adventure hehehe. We decided to ride our bikes to the park, so Fernando was in his bike trailer with the helmet on. He had wore the helmet before, but for some reason this time he decided that he did NOT want to wear it. So after having to stop every block to adjust his helmet, we got to the park with a baby having a huge meltdown. Obviously when he sat him on the swing he wasn't happy at the beginning but eventually he enjoyed it.







Monday, June 13, 2011

excuse the mess but...

my blog is under reno! hahahaha

I really need to fix the way it looks

hopefully it will be done soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


3 years ago I saw my hubby taking a plane to Canada. He was on his way to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to start on a new job. He left the on a plane the day of my birthday :(

We went to Monterrey City airport to drop him off, and I came home to celebrate what it would be my last birthday at my parents'
It was a sweet and sour birthday for me.

Then I moved to Canada 3 months after Cesar came here. We went for a walk down the river. Sat at this bench, and start dreaming and planning our new life and what we were expecting of the new adventure in Saskatoon.

and 3 years later I look at this photo and all I can think is that I am so happy we made the decision of moving here.


This 30th birthday was very special for me for many reasons and that is why I decided to celebrate it for a few days! hehehe

1. they say 30's is the best decade, and I am starting to believe it! I feel at the best stage of my life. Accomplished quite a few things that I wanted to be at this age, and there still many things to accomplish but I feel that I keep getting closer to them!
2. I have shared half of my birthdays with my husband!!! Yes, it is official, I have spent half of my life with him. One of the best things in our relationship is the fact that we grew up together. We went from being teenages to adults!
3. 3rd year since the Canada adventure started! And we finally got to the point we wanted to be when moved to Canada. Celebrating this year as a Canadian Permanent resident!
4. and now we are 3! I have a cute little family now.

So, thank you everybody that joined the celebration. Thanks for the good wishes, love, hugs, presents, surprises, company, etc. Oh and thanks my hubby for cooking amazing appetizers for the party!

So far... my favorite birthday

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